Not Just a Broker


An aircraft broker will sit down with a client and analyze their situation and make recommendations on what type of aircraft will fulfill their requirements. He will place a realistic market value on any aircraft to be traded and/or any aircraft wishing to be acquired. He will also identify the best aircraft in the world that fits this description, and offer comparative analysis on any aircraft closely matching this choice.


After an extensive review of the aircraft’s history and maintenance records, logbook entries, engine serial numbers and major parts component research, scheduled maintenance programs, engine programs, avionics programs, and any applicable warranties, a thorough pre-purchase inspection would be performed.


Upon the completion of this process the purchase arrangements will be agreed upon and an escrow account will be opened to handle the closing. If all went according to plan, this process would conclude with the buyer taking delivery of the aircraft and all Federal, State, and any International paperwork if needed being attended too.


Most relationships between buyers and brokers end here.


At Steele Aviation, we like to think the relationship is just getting started. Buying a pedigree aircraft is just one element of a successful aircraft ownership experience. Most owners look to upgrade their aircraft every 2 - 4 years. With this is mind; the purchasing experience normally represents only about ten percent of the ownership term. We believe the other ninety percent of the time should be as hassle free and enjoyable as the acquisition process. 


Steele Aviation would like to offer not only our brokerage services, but also our management arm to handle every facet of your aircraft management needs.


Please feel free to navigate the management portion of our website to understand what Steele Aviation can do for you.